A Personal Geography – Where trails and boundaries are optional.

“See it through Art — Know it with Science!”

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(And a few pages torn from misplaced journals)

Trail Option – An Update

Chasing some ideas and new motivation where boundaries and borders are optional -- where trails lead in many, diverse directions. Hoping to shed some light on our amazing natural world as I travel various directions in pursuit of landscape and science. Not sure where...

D. Craig Young

Host of Trail Option, chaser of light and dirt, bound to wander and wonder. Not exceptional at anything, but a solidly mid-pack trail runner, photographer, geographer, musician, and writer — there is a little of all that here.

Geoarchaeologist and Principal at Far Western Anthropological Research Group.

With my wife Desna, a founding partner of StoneHeart Ranch, our home on an old alluvial fan above Gardnerville, Nevada.

Thanks for joining me on the trails of the Great Basin and far beyond. These form my personal geography of art and science. Let’s keep going…