2016 Age-Group Champion at Bolder Boulder

Memorial Day ‘Bolder Boulder’ 10K results are official! Mary is this Women’s 73 Champion!
To see the photo/results check out this page below and click on 70-79 Age Group. Scroll to Women AG F73.  Mary headlines the award list of top 15 in this years race. There were actually 37 all together in AGF73. She was 3rd in this list last year (after losing 4 minutes in a fall). I’m in the list below hers at number 9 of the top 15 men in the M73 AG. There were 59 in my AG.

That great finish by Mary also put her in the list, of course records, they have kept for every AG over most of the 37 year history of the race. They track only the top 20 All Time Records for every AG. She broke into that elite group this year at number 19 !! Click the link below and then select the 70-79 button and scroll down to 73 to see the chart. Amazing….in her 7th year of racing.
There were 52,000 runners total overall this year at the Boulder 10K. That means that less than 0.2% of 52,000 runners were age 73.
Because this race breaks results by individual years, for a unique set age-group classifications, Bolder Boulder is is a great statistical tool for watching the participation rate of road racers at every age imaginable on the same course. For example, the drop off in total number of runners participating, this year, at age 33 vs. those at age 73 is around 93%!!  At age 93 it is 100%. Oldest this year was 92, walking at a 26 min/mile pace, but he was there for 6.2 miles!
So……you have  about 30 (plus or minus) more years of race reports from this couple!!
Lesson for all……keep moving!

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