Fruita Sweetheart 10K

Mary: 1st F66+ 1:13:57
Dennis: 1st M66+ 1:13:57

Our first race of the season and our training has suffered with the weather. Gym work and yoga helped stretch out the lapsed muscles through January but there has not been enough road/trail hill and speed work. Looking back that’s pretty normal but it seemed long this year. Age keeps whispering that we can’t let up like that too much. It’s too hard to get the conditioning back. Anyway… we are starting.



Pretty cool out so it was good to get past the start line and moving down the road. Our plan on this one was to stick together and pace with a five minute run/two minute walk sequence. We stuck with it pretty well for the 6.2 miles. The slow-season conditioning mentioned above played it’s role though and we gradually slowed on the runs. Those 2 minute walks worked their magic and we were able to keep a sub 16 min/mile pace in those which helped the start of each run sequence. Plan included a 10:30 pace on the run minutes and we knew that would be tough right now.

Our plan would have got us in at around a 72-minute 10K and we felt good about finishing with a 73:57. We reached hard for the line to prevent that 74 from rolling on the clock!!

The cold air and bright sun were wonderful with the Monument showing us a bright snow covering across the river. We are getting motivated for the Canyonlands Half Marathon in March. We will be ready.

Today Mary got 1st of 2 in the age group of F66+. I was 1st of 1 in M66+. (Strange age grouping in this one.) It was Mary’s 77th lifetime race and my 75th. I’m using the new Vanquish 2 Hoka’s for the first time. Light and easy on the impact. Mary ran in Hoka Huaka’s. Both wore CW-X stability compression tights. As advertised they are like warm KT tape from hip to ankle. They will continue to save our ‘structure’ as the wear and tear of the marathons descend upon us.

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