Trail Week 16-06

Week Summary (February 8 – 14)
37.7 mi (4,665 ft gain) – 6 hr 35 min on trail
Trails: V&T, Nimbus (CA), Hot Springs Mountain, Genoa

Nice to have had a nice, winter-style “big” week. I took advantage of working in Davis, CA, catching some time on the American River Trail at Nimbus Dam on Lake Natoma. Nice to cruise in the warmth and heavy air for a few miles. Back home on Thursday, I again sought the sand of Hot Springs Mountain, looping farther to the north to get some extra miles. Needing the headlamp for fewer miles on each evening run, plus wearing shorts rather than tights on a consistent basis.

Darren joined me at Genoa for a set of weekend loops combining the Genoa and Eagle Ridge trails. It’s been warm so the snowline has retreated from all but a few northern slopes along the trail system (it might be interesting to head up the Genoa Peak Trail soon to see how far one gets). The Sunday trails were in great shape, just a few snow patches and no mud to speak of. The worst of it was just at the water tank at Genoa where Darren hit an ice-patch and took a hard, blood-drawing spill. It was one of those the surprises you as you hit a slope and lose everything to gravity and go down hard. Thankfully, I’m slower, and he waited and warned me as I emerged from the willows slowing at his caution at the bottom of his luge run. Ouch.

Another good week.  Mom and Dad ran the Fruita 10K after a long winter break.

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