Trail Week 16-07

Week Summary (February 15 – 21)
24.3 mi (2,753 ft gain) – 3 hr 53 min on trail
Trails: Clear Creek, Heartstone, Bluebird

Following on the good mileage of last week, I took a break in the great weather of the holiday Monday with some golf at the Carson Valley CC. The weather returned to snow mid-week but I surrounded that by working on pace. I didn’t go into any particular strategy of doing “speed” or “turnover” work, I simply found I felt pretty fast each day. Of course, this is all relative to me, but I my pace was 45sec/mi faster at Clear Creek and almost a minute/mile faster on Heartstone 7M trail. I “down-graded” to a smaller phone so that it would be easier to carry on the trail, and this added some music to a few of the runs — maybe that helps. I like it.

The gravity-boot mud of the Heartstone Hills above Gardnerville has pretty much dried. Only the usual and relatively small bad spots remain.

Broke through 400 miles on my La Sportiva Bushidos. This is about the mileage I start considering shoe retirement. Their tread is still the best of my bunch, but with trails drying I can slip back into my LS Helios. I love these two styles and don’t mind switching depending on conditions.



Evening down Goni Dirt


On HeartStone Trail — Saturday


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  1. Inspirational. Be so glad when it dries on our Kokopelli and monument trails (now slick gumbo). Great photos.

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